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Pathfinders Discipleship Program was a

Pathfinders Discipleship Program was a divinely arranged BootCamp just for me! A very thorough and detailed adventure geared towards discovery, encounter and growth. I found myself on “auto-continue mode”, I didn’t want the experience to stop and it will not. Many thanks to Fifi my mentor, Olufunso and indirect mentors who gave their resources and time. Above all, many thanks for PV and PD for being great vessels, our generation and beyond is blessed by you!

Debs Awolesi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I learnt to pay more

I learnt to pay more attention to the things of The Spirit. My fellowship with God took a new dimension as it was delightful and real. I was cold at some point in my life but now I have got the fire back and I’m hot and I shall keep getting hot for Jesus and for The Kingdom of God in Jesus Name Amen. What was taught is something that we should constantly do even after the discipleship program has ended. God bless PD, God bless Pastor Vincent, God bless Chioma, God bless all the people that part took in the program, God bless Dominion House.

Oluwafisayo Owoyele Esther
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

The pathfinder platform had

The pathfinder platform had tick all the boxes that I had being looking out for a while. I had the passion to grow spiritually but no structure such as accountability and Mentoring in place. With everyone around me busy ‘sorting out their own salvation’ and don’t have time to devote/mentor another.
I joined the WPB in October despite my already busy carnal life and I wouldn’t say it had be easy but being intentional made a big difference.
I am more knowledgeable, can now pray for longer hours, read books which I normally don’t do and evangelism is much easier.
Glory be to God!
God Bless you and more anointing PD and PV as well as Director Olufunso and the Lord continue to strengthen as you do His work. .🙏

Adetoun Oyedipe
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

My journey at pathfinder was

My journey at pathfinder was a magnificent one. I came in still with a lot of insecurities about myself and my relationship with God. At the end i understood more about my true self and how to fulful purpose. The teachings were profound and my mentors very supportive.
I am ready to carry forth the gospel with new revelation knowledge and excitement.
Blessings to Pastor Vincent, PD, my mentors and the entire team at Pathfinder Discipleship Program

Sherma Mitchell
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Prior to joining the Pathfinder

Prior to joining the Pathfinder discipleship programme,I felt spiritually weak and knew I needed to boost and grow every area of my spiritual life which entails every parameter of my growth plan.And as God not only answers spoken words but also answers genuine thoughts that aligns to his will for our lives,he orchestrated my steps to a friend who told she was doing a fruit fast on that day.

I was curious to know what this was all about and we got taking until she told me about the prayer chain and the discipleship program.From that moment,even though it was just a casual discussion,I was so uncomfortable in my spirit till I started researching all about the program.

First of all,I joined the prayer chain and started praying with everyone and in a few days,I didn’t even ask any further questions,I just went ahead and paid for the discipleship programme even though I didn’t know when it would start.

I went on social media and started asking everyone I found associated with any of the programs when the program will start as I couldn’t wait any more.

…..boommmmmmm,and the program started with the orientation which immediately flew me into a spiritual realm I can never recover from.

The PATHFINDER DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM had positively affected every area of my spiritual life.
Sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus is now so easy for me that I am now so eager to reach out to everyone I come in contact with.
My prayer life is now on auto as I just found my lips moving and my heart connecting easily with the spirit realm.
I can now read anointed books and study without struggle enjoying every second I spend in there.
I now know what it means to be accountable even when it’s not comfortable.

Im glad I was also able to join and faithfully attend other platforms of the Dominion House and my life is been growing from one level of glory to another.Im so eager to start getting more transformed in the BBC class.

God bless the visionaries,Pastor Vincent and Pastor Dotun Arifalo for yielding to this call to transform lives like mine.

And to my mentor -Sister Annie who had been so helpful to me on this journey,I am super grateful and can’t wait to connect with you physically.Yiu are the best.

God bless the entire Dominion House team.

Juliana Konrad Agabah
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I thank God for my

I thank God for my life. Pathfinder discipleship has helped me grow spiritually, before I could not pray for 15 minutes but now I pray for over 2hrs. I didn’t know how to preach to people before, but now, I can preach to people with confidence.

I went for family meeting , before the meeting started I preached to them, my brother who is Muslim give his life to Jesus and commanded all his children to start going to church,

All of us worship together at one of the local churches in their area.

I thank Pathfinder team for changing my life for good. I am proud to be one of the pathfinder disciple students. I give them 5 stars

Jelili Adisa Olamide olaoluwa
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I experienced growth like never

I experienced growth like never before when I joined Pathfinder. Reading life transforming books, listening to eye opening podcasts and reviewing them was a new one to me but I grew into it with the help and encouragement from an amazing mentor. I remembered the first time I lead prayers on mixlr for the first time🤣, her kind words made me push my fears aside. “You can do it Agnes,just take it slow,let the holy Spirit guide you,move closer to your mic🔥🔥.
God bless PV,PD for all their efforts.

Agnes Ipemoghena Anunwa
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

A truly amazing and

A truly amazing and life transforming experience that would catapult you to greater heights in every aspect of your life.

Elegon Brenda
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Pathfinder-discipleship Programme has birthed a

Pathfinder-discipleship Programme has birthed a better me, a more focused me, a new me with a clearer vision and purpose. The programme did not just re orientate me with regard to our old religious fables we grew up with but also birthed a self awareness and development journey in me.
I’m so excited💃🏼

PV’s teaching were out of this world. One of the best of the best I have ever received as regards theology. Facts backed up with scripture references, not to excite(which is temporary and common) but to re orientate and expose one to biblical & life truths. His teachings were more than ordinary but absolute divine revelations.
I can not forget PD’s ministrations and podcast because it has become a part of me. Her sonorous and convincing voice is amazing!

Appreciate the inputs of people like Pst Isoa who after a main programme (Ignite challenge) she still took a class. Ordinarily one would think she will be like “these people should understand that I am tired!” No wonder one of the students was asking if she had family 🤦🏼‍♀️. She showed me what it meant to be sold out to Christ. Waoh!
My sweet mentor Christine’s *bold instructions* kicked me out of my procrastinating and poor time management habit!. So grateful to you sis. She stretched me so much that I thought I was going to break. I composed and discarded my programme deferment letter several times before the end of the program when i felt overwhelmed.

Many thanks to Pastor Funsho for all the… *” you need to know that…”* 🙈
We can’t thank you or repay you all enough for all you’ve imparted to us but I know that God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.

To all my colleagues, thank you for all the “collabos’, the support, your detailed growth reports I learnt from your contributions during discussions, greater and better us has emerged, excellent spirit and mind of Christ is in us, none of us will ever have cause to look back having put our hands in the plough. We are more than conquerors. We are shining forth, there is no limitation on our paths in Jesus name.
God bless you real good.❤️❤️❤️

Omorinola Fadare
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I can’t believe it’s over

I can’t believe it’s over !!! I wish it would go on for much longer. My experience has been so insightful, enlightening. I have a better understanding of how to prepare for the place God has prepared for me. I have a a stronger yearning and consciousness to preach the gospel anagkazo style. I have left my comfort zone!!!!

Omolara Ajayi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Grateful to God and the

Grateful to God and the organisers of the program, Mentor Afolabi , our meet is not a coincidence, an Orchestration of purpose and destiny, to my fellow pathfinders in the Afo Group, you guys rock, love you all.
The pathfinders discipleship program has transformed me into who God wants me to be, I encountered revelations and discoveries into what I was born to live for?
Truly its a path finding realities for true disciples who seek the heart of the father.

Opaleye Julius
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

The pathfinder discipleship program has

The pathfinder discipleship program has tremendously imparted my life. I used to be a very lazy believer. I could not pray in the spirit for more than 10 minutes, it becomes boring. Even, i could not study the word, all i used to do was pick a verse or two ( random reading) and im done. Moreso, I usually find it difficult reading books outside academic books. I could not believe i read nine (9) life transforming books in a space of 5 weeks. Those books are so powerful that I’m reading some of them again for the third and fourth time. This program so transformed my life that i can now pray 7 hours and more and also study and meditate on God’s word. Its at this program that i leant the art of meditation. Oh my God, its amazing meditating on God’s word – you are sure to “lambano” i. e. Take hold of some deep revelation. Even at my place of work, they see a different me, they know something has changed about me. When i speak, i speak God’s word, i teach the word at every opportunity i have. The beautiful thing is that the more i teach whatever we are taught, the more i internalize it. I bless God because reading now becomes so easy and interesting for me. (Physical benefit).
PAYG- Pray as you go. Its so amazing communing with God as you move. Its a way of taming our tongue and concentrating on the supernatural. Its also a way of cutting down on too much unnecessary talks that does not benefit our spiritual man.
In all, a new me has emerged in the place of prayer and the word. I bless God for the visionary of this program. Its transforming lives. It is so timely. God bless you Pastors Vincent and Dotun Arifalo. The grace of God will never depart from you in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you once again for the opportunity.

Mosunmade George
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I am grateful to God

I am grateful to God almighty for taking me through the Pathfinders Discipleship programme. It has turned my life around 360degrees and given me a fresh start. My Spiritual life has grown in Leaps and bounds and the eyes of my understanding has been enlightened..I have been a source of Encouragement to the body of Christ. I know my vision and mission on earth and I see myself fulfilling it..Even my marital life has been so blessed and fruitful to the glory of God. The Holyspirit has taught me alot on how to behave and act and has given peace, hope and divine direction.. All glory be to the king of kings and Lord of Lords..Amen

Ngozi Ogaga
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I came here courtesy of

I came here courtesy of my pastor . pastor toyin ogunlalu 🥰🥰🥰.and it’s been an awesome five – six weeks of deeper revelational knowledge of the word and love of God towards me the believer. I am better equipped for ministry and life ..I always look forward to listening to pastor Vincent every morning he just blesses my day with mind blowing Revelations
…I hope it doesn’t end here .

Adedotun Victoria odhomi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

My heart is full, I

My heart is full, I am grateful to God for this platform, I must confess, the journey hasn’t been smooth, It has been hectic, tasking and many a times, my time isn’t just enough but it has been awesome, I have been excited about the growth platform from the start because I really wanted to be groomed spiritually but it got to a point I was tired but what kept me going was my team members who consistently submit their growth plan so I didn’t feel alone and my determination to be consistent and intentional about my growth.
The pathfinder’s discipleship programme has really helped me to be a better person spiritually with the books recommendations weekly, I couldn’t even read a book before but through this platform I read at least a book in a week, my prayer life skyrocketed from an hour to 2-3-4 hours! I couldn’t have done this on my own. I am excited and I really do not want it to end, and my mentor ‘AMY’ she has been awesome, there is always a smile on my face when her calls come in, I love you Ma’am.
In conclusion, I would encourage everyone who wants to grow more spiritually to subscribe to this discipleship programme, there is a spirit at work in this movement, you can’t just remain the same! Thank you PD, PV and the Dominion House for this great opportunity.

Oluwasefunmi Adedara
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Undergoing the discipleship program I

Undergoing the discipleship program I can say my life has truly been a spiritual unfolding. It has been a personal and enchanting journey, where I was led out of the most confused and befuddled ideas about God, salvation and Grace. Every day I am convinced even more that these spiritual experiences are real.
Having read books such as ‘In Him’, Believers Authority, In Pursuit of Purpose, Tongues of Angles, to mention but a few, I have learnt about my identity in Christ, who I am, of whom I am, and what I have.
Above all, I can feel a fire starting inside of me with the urge to go shout out to the world who God is, the nature of God, and His love for humanity. I know now what religion is, and what spirituality is. I don’t know where this journey is leading to, but I am so ready to study more to know God more deeply, and through that find my purpose.

Olutoyin Akinbulumo
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

PDP totally revamped my Spiritual

PDP totally revamped my Spiritual life. I went from praying for 10 minutes 2/3 times weekly to praying 5 hours daily. I couldn’t pick up my Bible to read on my own, but now I can boldly boast that I am in love with the Word of God. Through the PDP, I began to build a personal relationship with God and started having deeper insight and revelation of the knowledge of God. My life has never remained the same and I’ve finally found purpose. I want to thank Pastor Vincent, Pastor Dotun and my mentor, Mr Funso Ekundayo for this raw and undiluted exposure to the things of God. A big thank you too to Mrs Folasade Ekundayo for introducing me to PDP. GOD bless you all

Jesutosin Jokosenumi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I came to the discipleship

I came to the discipleship program not knowing anything about the word of God and its application. I was not praying often or read the word of God except on Sundays in the church. I had always wanted to be filled in the spirit but did not know how to go about it. I admire people that are spirit filled and pray in tongues and had tried in several fora to pray in tongues but all to no avail. Within the first few days of this programme I had an infilling of the Holy spirit and I began to speak in another tongue. Now I pray without ceasing , read my bible constantly and installed the bible on all my gadgets for easy accessibility, I meditate on the word of God, listen to messages and most importantly, my spirit man has been awakened from the dead and I am now a believer in Jesus christ –
All gory to God. I thank all our mentors, especially my two time mentor, Mr Olufunso Ekundayo, PV and PD for initiating such a wonderful program and my wife who convinced me to come.
May God’s name be praised

Samson Ugwuanyi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Pathfinder was amazing. My

Pathfinder was amazing. My goal when I took it was to grow in my relationship with Christ and not just gain knowledge. I must say I grew in both ways. What surprised me the most thou was the action part of the whole thing. I was not very confident sharing my faith when Pathfinders first started and as a pastor wife that kind a necessity. I learned it also a necessity of a believer. I am much more confident in sharing my faith with others know. If you get a opportunity to take Pathfinders you won’t be disappointed. Praise the Lord.

Lois E Sanders
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Going through the PDP made

Going through the PDP made me fully understand who I am in Christ and why I need to always carry my cross daily and follow Christ

Oluwaseun David
Pathfinders Discipleship Program