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Pathfinders Discipleship Program

This is a five-week discipleship program that has transformed lives and has brought spiritual growth and vitality to many .

It is a five-week mentoring program with a focus to help you get a working and practical knowledge of the word of God .It will help you to develop the habits of prayer , the study of the word , evangelism etc.

This could be one of the most important steps you have ever taken towards your spiritual growth.




You will be required to be accountable with all you do within the five weeks of mentorship.

You will be required to work with a personal growth plan that will be submitted daily. It includes – Daily prayers, bible reading & meditation, fasting, evangelism & book reading & review.
You will be required to read a list of recommended discipleship books that will transform you completely.
You will be required to attend two sessions of Prayerthon which are long sessions of prayer ,every first Saturday of the month.
We will assess our progress weekly.

If you are willing, nothing can stop you!!!

You can do this!!! The time is NOW!!!