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This is a six week discipleship program that has transformed lives and has brought spiritual growth and vitality to many .


It is a six week mentoring program with a focus to help you get a working and practical knowledge of the word of God .It will help you to develop the habits of prayer , the study of the word , evangelism etc.


This could be one of the most important steps you have ever taken towards your spiritual growth .

Meet Your Teachers

Vincent Arifalo is a Medical Doctor by training. After his Medical training at the Obafemi Awolowo University, and working actively as a medical practitioner for many years, he began a second career as an investor in the capital market, with minimal start up capital, in which he became highly successful.


Dotun Arifalo is a prolific speaker, author and empowerer whose passion is contagious, initiating transformation. Dotun is a leadership expert and a lifestyle and business coach. She is the President of the Dotun Arifalo Ministries.


Together, they preside over Dominion House churches with a vision to raise world class leaders.


[gem_quote custom_style=”1″ border_color=”#ffd800″ quote_color=”#ffd800″]My eyes of understanding has been enlightened to Jesus and His word. Most of the fear and insecurities I harboured prior to joining the DISCIPLESHIP class has melted away.
My self esteem and boldness has been restored and I have started spreading the gospel with renewed boldness. More excitedly I can pray longer hours , meditate and read the bible daily which were exercises I never thought was possible with me. I am a new creature now!

Ify Oluku, Lagos.[/gem_quote][gem_quote custom_style=”1″ quote_color=”#ffd800″ border_color=”#ffd800″]I learnt to pay more attention to the things of The Spirit. My fellowship with God took a new dimension as it was delightful and real. I was cold at some point in my life but now I have got the fire back and I’m hot and I shall keep getting hot for Jesus and for The Kingdom of God in Jesus Name Amen. What was taught is something that we should constantly do even after the discipleship program has ended. God bless PD, God bless Pastor Vincent, God bless Chioma, God bless all the people that part took in the program, God bless Dominion House.

Oluwafisayo Owoyele Esther, Lagos[/gem_quote][gem_quote custom_style=”1″ quote_color=”#ffd800″ border_color=”#ffd800″]This is the best discipleship class I have ever attended! I was expectant but even that expectation was exceeded.
First, the truth of God’s word was broken down into its simplest form. No fluff, just the real deal

Second, it aided spiritual growth because it was sequentially arranged

Third, my dearest mentor Fifi is such a powerhouse and fire somebody! Her leadership skill is exceptional😘.

Fourth, it is stretching so it is transforming.

I could go on & on but my final bit is the resources, structure and coordination blew me away.

I am so glad I registered and took part in it. I will gladly do it and even sign post my disciples to it.

God bless you PV and PD. Thank you for your humility and leadership. I have learnt so much from you in so little time❤❤❤.

Comfort Olutola, London[/gem_quote]


1. You will be required to be accountable with all you do within the six weeks of mentorship.


2. You will be required to work with a personal growth plan that will be submitted daily. It includes – Daily prayers, bible reading & meditation, fasting, evangelism & book reading & review.


3. You will be required to meet attend the Night of Encounters a weekly Holy Ghost service at the Dominion House , once a week on Sundays by 6:00pm WAT.


4. You will be required to read a list of recommended discipleship books that will transform you completely.
5. You will be required to attend two sessions of Prayerthon which are long sessions of prayer ,every first Saturday of the month.


6. We will assess our progress weekly.
I believe if you are willing, nothing can stop you!!! We can do this!!! The time is NOW!!!


Being admitted to be a part of this course is not automatic. You will have to fill a qualifying questionnaire that will be used to determine if you qualify for this training .