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Testimonies abound when you sign up for our Pathfinders Discipleship Program. Your life will never be the same again.

Everyone has got to register

Everyone has got to register for this course, it’s life changing,JUST DO IT!!!

Omolade Temitayo Obadina
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

My journey at pathfinder was

My journey at pathfinder was a magnificent one. I came in still with a lot of insecurities about myself and my relationship with God. At the end i understood more about my true self and how to fulful purpose. The teachings were profound and my mentors very supportive.
I am ready to carry forth the gospel with new revelation knowledge and excitement.
Blessings to Pastor Vincent, PD, my mentors and the entire team at Pathfinder Discipleship Program

Sherma Mitchell
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Believers Authority in Christ first

Believers Authority in Christ first got me, the knowledge to differentiate between a Believer and a Spiritualist.
Pathfinders Discipleship Program has affected my life positively.
The love and support from my Mentor is so amazing that I wish I could one day make him proud.
Thank God for a new me.
As Christ is so am I.

Sam Ademola
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

At first the activities we

At first the activities we carried out on pathfinder felt like such a chore,then with time it became something i knew i needed and mustnt go a day without..These 6weeks have been stretching.i have grown so much even my friends and family can testify..Im so glad i was a partaker of such a great program

Omosunmibola Opekete
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

It was eye opening. It

It was eye opening. It completely transformed my lifestyle and built a confidence within me.

Anulika Chioma
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Prior to joining the Pathfinder

Prior to joining the Pathfinder discipleship programme,I felt spiritually weak and knew I needed to boost and grow every area of my spiritual life which entails every parameter of my growth plan.And as God not only answers spoken words but also answers genuine thoughts that aligns to his will for our lives,he orchestrated my steps to a friend who told she was doing a fruit fast on that day.

I was curious to know what this was all about and we got taking until she told me about the prayer chain and the discipleship program.From that moment,even though it was just a casual discussion,I was so uncomfortable in my spirit till I started researching all about the program.

First of all,I joined the prayer chain and started praying with everyone and in a few days,I didn’t even ask any further questions,I just went ahead and paid for the discipleship programme even though I didn’t know when it would start.

I went on social media and started asking everyone I found associated with any of the programs when the program will start as I couldn’t wait any more.

…..boommmmmmm,and the program started with the orientation which immediately flew me into a spiritual realm I can never recover from.

The PATHFINDER DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM had positively affected every area of my spiritual life.
Sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus is now so easy for me that I am now so eager to reach out to everyone I come in contact with.
My prayer life is now on auto as I just found my lips moving and my heart connecting easily with the spirit realm.
I can now read anointed books and study without struggle enjoying every second I spend in there.
I now know what it means to be accountable even when it’s not comfortable.

Im glad I was also able to join and faithfully attend other platforms of the Dominion House and my life is been growing from one level of glory to another.Im so eager to start getting more transformed in the BBC class.

God bless the visionaries,Pastor Vincent and Pastor Dotun Arifalo for yielding to this call to transform lives like mine.

And to my mentor -Sister Annie who had been so helpful to me on this journey,I am super grateful and can’t wait to connect with you physically.Yiu are the best.

God bless the entire Dominion House team.

Juliana Konrad Agabah
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

The Pathfinder’s discipleship programme has

The Pathfinder’s discipleship programme has transformed my life miraculously. It has helped me build spiritual capacity, strength and consistency . I just couldn’t pray more than half an hour before now. I can honestly say that I have prayed more hours from when I did my Pathfinder’s discipleship programme than all the hours put together in the Last decade of my life. Thank you to my discipler Fifi & Thank you PD and PV. You are all amazing!

Jumai Omoju
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

The past 6 weeks has

The past 6 weeks has been mind blowing, I have not prayed in tongues in all my christian journey than I have prayed these past 6 weeks, with the help of the holy spirit i pray 4 hours and more daily unlike when i struggle to pray 1 hour before the program started. Revelation knowledge of who i am in Christ gets me so excited, i have so much peace and i don’t worry anymore about situations. About the 3rd week into the training I started have symptoms of an infection I treated and all I kept saying ( christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law…. Glory to God the symptoms Disappeared i was not even worried about it. Am more committed and always happy to do the things of God, praying has become natural to me, reading the word and meditating on the scripture also. I know God has a purpose and I will stay connected to him forever. I know who I am in Christ Jesus, I know my right and privileges.

Olamide Ogunyeni
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Oh my! It’s been an

Oh my! It’s been an amazing journey. 6 purposeful weeks of great impact. I bless God for my friends who made me realise this platform and my mentor who consistently check up on our growth. PD and PV awesome leaders, I bless God you were sensitive to the call. I can now pray long hours and I know what’s called under my breathe prayers. I understand the word better now and that makes meditation easy. I’m still working on this aspect cause I get distracted sometimes as per I’m still in my childhood stage on my spiritual journey. I got to know the stages through reading of books. Evangelizing now seems easy cause I know better and that’s my primary assignment.
I can’t talk about my spiritual journey without talking about Pathfinders.
I urge you to join, but if you are contemplating please check me out.

Adewumi Odediji
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Really bless God for the

Really bless God for the Dominion house,coming in contact with them open my eyes to the real me, who I’m in Christ Jesus, the privileges I should enjoy in Christ Jesus that I’m not condemned, not inferior, not a servant but a daughter n the Righteousness of the Father, Redeemed from curses sickness n all the power of the enemies.

Oseni Omolara
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I came with the mindset

I came with the mindset of “I know it to an extent” then it started with daily “Prayer School” revelations with PV, “Morning Dew” on Mondays with PD, reading more spiritual books in weeks than I’ve ever done and vigils. Reading and understanding scriptures like I should. The cap for me was the fact that I was accountable! I had to learn allover and it’s something I’m willing to do again if there’s a Pathfinder Class 2.

Adetutu Omo'ba
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

A truly amazing and

A truly amazing and life transforming experience that would catapult you to greater heights in every aspect of your life.

Elegon Brenda
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I really thank God for

I really thank God for PDP for it has really given me a different perspective and a deep understanding about the gospel. I can now stay longer hours in prayer ,i want to also thank my mentor sir Damilola, P.V and P.D .God bless

Atiti Jude
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

What do you do when

What do you do when you feel the tugging of the Holy Spirit to embark on a journey and you wonder how you were going to endure, much more to complete it? You simply obey. I approached the Pathfinders Discipleship Program somewhat apprehensive, having heard stories from forerunners about its intensity. However, I was already acutely aware that often when you encounter fear, opposition and blatant obstacles at the beginning of such things, that you should push all the more. And so I pushed. After the first week, of the Program I cleared my calendar. I mean, I cleared everything (I was self-employed as a teacher, conducting my classes online). I dismissed my classes early for the year, not lamenting the cost; that it was a period when every dollar counted for the long Christmas/New Year season ahead.
The Pathfinder Discipleship Program surprised me. It carried that yoke-destroying, situation-fixing anointing that the Apostle Paul had prayed so much for. By Week 3, I felt that I had been stretched to the point of elasticity. Somehow, I didn’t snap. Instead, for every day I saw a new itinerary (and boy were our mentors faithful in sending them), I received strength, a grace to continue. I learnt to embrace the pain; to “band my belly” as we would say in Trinidad and Tobago, and move forward. No excuses. This, I discovered was discipline. Soon after, pain turned into passion.
During PDP, I discovered that after twenty years of being in the Lord, I had misconceptions about what meditating on the word was. Pastor Vincent Arifalo cleared this up nicely. I learnt to ruminate—to mutter, chew and bring it up again until the word of God could be ingested. The Bible opened up to me. So did other aspects of my Christian walk. I was praying ten hours, nothing less than five hours. I gained a deeper understanding about prayer as fellowship with the Father. Doors in ministry began to open. I was asked to mentor ladies much older than myself and developed a boldness for evangelism. Mentor Fisayo encouraged efforts in evangelism while commenting about my Growth Plan, even offering counsel on what should not be done: You don’t preach your testimony, she encouraged. You preach Christ. During the PDP, I ministered to seven young men between 13 and 18 years old who accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Together with the assistance of another fellow PDP mentee, we now disciple them.
The anointing I was receiving began to pour out on my family. My husband caught the fire. Soon, he was praying in the Spirit all over the hours, going to eight hours straight. He began to read the word more, venturing for curiosity sake into some of the material we were being exposed to in PDP. I learnt to increase my prayer, coming to comprehend the difference between the prayer for things and the prayer of supplication. The day before the PDP closed, my fourteen-year-old daughter had been rejuvenated, filled and praying in the Spirit.
Mentor Victoria embodied “discipleship”. She was the mentor you always wanted. I supposed that I was some years her senior, but I submitted myself as a babe under her insightful leadership. She checked in regularly, enquiring about my progress, offering counsel and occasionally, light humour where I needed. She responded to questions from a lesson we had with PV, even encouraging me to attend live Prayer School. Mind you, it was 2 am in the morning. Additionally, you would check your phone, and there was our faithful Director Olufunso, with his “Jesus Barracks in session” trump. Later in the day, you would check again, and there was Mr. Olufunso texting with reminders, encouragement. His “The degree to which you grow is totally dependent on you” has become one of my mantras.
Interestingly, Bible readings, books, and podcasts we were to study worked in refrain to address situations I was facing at the time. Pastor Dotun’s book, “In Pursuit of Purpose” could not have been timelier. Noteworthy was her teaching that the environment we live in, impacts the realization and fulfillment of our purpose. I exit the Program stepping into a new season in ministry.

Words fail me for the impact that has been made during the Program. I can only announce that the Pathfinder Discipleship Program transcends a program. It is a necessary stop on one’s pathway to realizing one’s purpose.

My immense gratitude to the leadership of Pastors Vincent and Dotun Arifalo and to our Director and fellow mentors.

Nicole Semper,
PDP November Graduate
Trinidad and Tobago

Nicole Semper
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

PDP totally revamped my Spiritual

PDP totally revamped my Spiritual life. I went from praying for 10 minutes 2/3 times weekly to praying 5 hours daily. I couldn’t pick up my Bible to read on my own, but now I can boldly boast that I am in love with the Word of God. Through the PDP, I began to build a personal relationship with God and started having deeper insight and revelation of the knowledge of God. My life has never remained the same and I’ve finally found purpose. I want to thank Pastor Vincent, Pastor Dotun and my mentor, Mr Funso Ekundayo for this raw and undiluted exposure to the things of God. A big thank you too to Mrs Folasade Ekundayo for introducing me to PDP. GOD bless you all

Jesutosin Jokosenumi
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Pathfinder Programme has helped me

Pathfinder Programme has helped me in my Spiritual life.
I can pray for long hours. Things I’ve never done before attending Pathfinder.
I can meditate long on the word of God.
It’s a great privilege for me.
Thank you PV and PD and all our mentors.

Toyin Orkeh
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Undergoing the discipleship program I

Undergoing the discipleship program I can say my life has truly been a spiritual unfolding. It has been a personal and enchanting journey, where I was led out of the most confused and befuddled ideas about God, salvation and Grace. Every day I am convinced even more that these spiritual experiences are real.
Having read books such as ‘In Him’, Believers Authority, In Pursuit of Purpose, Tongues of Angles, to mention but a few, I have learnt about my identity in Christ, who I am, of whom I am, and what I have.
Above all, I can feel a fire starting inside of me with the urge to go shout out to the world who God is, the nature of God, and His love for humanity. I know now what religion is, and what spirituality is. I don’t know where this journey is leading to, but I am so ready to study more to know God more deeply, and through that find my purpose.

Olutoyin Akinbulumo
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

Wow!!! Firstly I want to

Wow!!! Firstly I want to appreciate God for PV and PD…Thank you.
* Through this PDP I gained clarity on so many things spiritually…I can study well,I can pray without condemnation,abova all I can prayer in the Spirit for long hours now.*
* My life’s Vision and ambitions are clearer now..I was almost giving up that I might not fulfill my life’s destiny.
But PD changed my mentality.
PV has taught me how to laugh more
He has a contagious overflow of joy from his inside..(you try listen to his messages you will know what am talking about) .
As I pray in the more in tongues I see things clearly…about my life ,ministry and vocation.
For real I don’t want this course to end..
My life can only get better.

Victory Joseph Ikhena
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

I experienced growth like never

I experienced growth like never before when I joined Pathfinder. Reading life transforming books, listening to eye opening podcasts and reviewing them was a new one to me but I grew into it with the help and encouragement from an amazing mentor. I remembered the first time I lead prayers on mixlr for the first time🤣, her kind words made me push my fears aside. “You can do it Agnes,just take it slow,let the holy Spirit guide you,move closer to your mic🔥🔥.
God bless PV,PD for all their efforts.

Agnes Ipemoghena Anunwa
Pathfinders Discipleship Program

The program was a great

The program was a great spiritual transformation for me, remodeled my prayer life, and increase my hunger to want to fellowship more with God. It was an awesome experience.

I want to say a big thank you to all that made this program a reality especially to PV, PD, and my mentor Director Funso. God bless you all!

Omotade Akintola
Pathfinders Discipleship Program