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Undergoing the discipleship program I

Undergoing the discipleship program I can say my life has truly been a spiritual unfolding. It has been a personal and enchanting journey, where I was led out of the most confused and befuddled ideas about God, salvation and Grace. Every day I am convinced even more that these spiritual experiences are real.
Having read books such as ‘In Him’, Believers Authority, In Pursuit of Purpose, Tongues of Angles, to mention but a few, I have learnt about my identity in Christ, who I am, of whom I am, and what I have.
Above all, I can feel a fire starting inside of me with the urge to go shout out to the world who God is, the nature of God, and His love for humanity. I know now what religion is, and what spirituality is. I don’t know where this journey is leading to, but I am so ready to study more to know God more deeply, and through that find my purpose.