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This is the best discipleship

This is the best discipleship class I have ever attended! I was expectant but even that expectation was exceeded.
First, the truth of God’s word was broken down into its simplest form. No fluff, just the real deal

Second, it aided spiritual growth because it was sequentially arranged

Third, my dearest mentor Fifi is such a powerhouse and fire somebody! Her leadership skill is exceptional😘.

Fourth, it is stretching so it is transforming.

I could go on & on but my final bit is the resources, structure and coordination blew me away.

I am so glad I registered and took part in it. I will gladly do it and even sign post my disciples to it.

God bless you PV and PD. Thank you for your humility and leadership. I have learnt so much from you in so little time❤❤❤.