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These 6 weeks of PDP

These 6 weeks of PDP have changed my life!
About 2 years ago, I joined WPB because I really needed to grow spiritually and a transformation started in my life, but now PDP has taken it all to a whole new level!!!
I’ve learnt so many things that I had never really been taught or taken time to study in so many years since I became born again, like meditation, how to train my human spirit, discipleship and fulfilling purpose.
I have grown so much in these 6 weeks, I could literarily feel myself being stretched and see my capacity being increased.
When I started WPB, I thought the growth plan was too much for me but now I was doing WPB, PDP and mentoring a group in CIM as well as some other teenagers I started to mentor personally at the same time! I never knew that I even had such capacity in me.
It was quite challenging but also very exciting, I felt like I was truly on a spiritual adventure.
Now that we’re finishing PDP, I have mixed feelings. I’m so happy that I passed through this program and I almost don’t want it to end.
I think a program like PDP is a must for every believer and it should be in every church and ministry!
I’m so grateful to the mentors and pastors that prayed for us and with us, taught us and poured themselves out for us.
May God bless you and reward you greatly!