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The Pathfinders Discipleship Program has

The Pathfinders Discipleship Program has helped to revive my personal walk with God .

I’ve been a Christian for several years and have been engaged in different services and activities in the Kingdom. My personal prayer life, word study and meditation of God’s word was poor and had no definite shape.

The program has helped me to cultivate a good level of discipline and commitment to my personal Spiritual development. I have also been strengthened to pray for long hours, sometimes going for 5-7 hours a day by praying on-the-go. I was hardly praying for an hour before the program.

I have also developed a much better understanding of who I am in Christ, I have a better understanding of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and I now live in the consciousness of that grace rather than striving to please God by works.

I have been transformed by this program and I can never be the same again.

Peju Adebiyi.