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The pathfinder discipleship program has

The pathfinder discipleship program has tremendously imparted my life. I used to be a very lazy believer. I could not pray in the spirit for more than 10 minutes, it becomes boring. Even, i could not study the word, all i used to do was pick a verse or two ( random reading) and im done. Moreso, I usually find it difficult reading books outside academic books. I could not believe i read nine (9) life transforming books in a space of 5 weeks. Those books are so powerful that I’m reading some of them again for the third and fourth time. This program so transformed my life that i can now pray 7 hours and more and also study and meditate on God’s word. Its at this program that i leant the art of meditation. Oh my God, its amazing meditating on God’s word – you are sure to “lambano” i. e. Take hold of some deep revelation. Even at my place of work, they see a different me, they know something has changed about me. When i speak, i speak God’s word, i teach the word at every opportunity i have. The beautiful thing is that the more i teach whatever we are taught, the more i internalize it. I bless God because reading now becomes so easy and interesting for me. (Physical benefit).
PAYG- Pray as you go. Its so amazing communing with God as you move. Its a way of taming our tongue and concentrating on the supernatural. Its also a way of cutting down on too much unnecessary talks that does not benefit our spiritual man.
In all, a new me has emerged in the place of prayer and the word. I bless God for the visionary of this program. Its transforming lives. It is so timely. God bless you Pastors Vincent and Dotun Arifalo. The grace of God will never depart from you in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you once again for the opportunity.