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The past 6 weeks has

The past 6 weeks has been mind blowing, I have not prayed in tongues in all my christian journey than I have prayed these past 6 weeks, with the help of the holy spirit i pray 4 hours and more daily unlike when i struggle to pray 1 hour before the program started. Revelation knowledge of who i am in Christ gets me so excited, i have so much peace and i don’t worry anymore about situations. About the 3rd week into the training I started have symptoms of an infection I treated and all I kept saying ( christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law…. Glory to God the symptoms Disappeared i was not even worried about it. Am more committed and always happy to do the things of God, praying has become natural to me, reading the word and meditating on the scripture also. I know God has a purpose and I will stay connected to him forever. I know who I am in Christ Jesus, I know my right and privileges.