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Prior to joining the Pathfinder

Prior to joining the Pathfinder discipleship programme,I felt spiritually weak and knew I needed to boost and grow every area of my spiritual life which entails every parameter of my growth plan.And as God not only answers spoken words but also answers genuine thoughts that aligns to his will for our lives,he orchestrated my steps to a friend who told she was doing a fruit fast on that day.

I was curious to know what this was all about and we got taking until she told me about the prayer chain and the discipleship program.From that moment,even though it was just a casual discussion,I was so uncomfortable in my spirit till I started researching all about the program.

First of all,I joined the prayer chain and started praying with everyone and in a few days,I didn’t even ask any further questions,I just went ahead and paid for the discipleship programme even though I didn’t know when it would start.

I went on social media and started asking everyone I found associated with any of the programs when the program will start as I couldn’t wait any more.

…..boommmmmmm,and the program started with the orientation which immediately flew me into a spiritual realm I can never recover from.

The PATHFINDER DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM had positively affected every area of my spiritual life.
Sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus is now so easy for me that I am now so eager to reach out to everyone I come in contact with.
My prayer life is now on auto as I just found my lips moving and my heart connecting easily with the spirit realm.
I can now read anointed books and study without struggle enjoying every second I spend in there.
I now know what it means to be accountable even when it’s not comfortable.

Im glad I was also able to join and faithfully attend other platforms of the Dominion House and my life is been growing from one level of glory to another.Im so eager to start getting more transformed in the BBC class.

God bless the visionaries,Pastor Vincent and Pastor Dotun Arifalo for yielding to this call to transform lives like mine.

And to my mentor -Sister Annie who had been so helpful to me on this journey,I am super grateful and can’t wait to connect with you physically.Yiu are the best.

God bless the entire Dominion House team.