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Oh wow I’ll first thank

Oh wow
I’ll first thank God for this opportunity and I want to thank those who recommended me for Pathfinders Discipleship Program. I never was ready for it honestly
I joined WPB this year and I was joyful at the feat of growth I’ve attained regarding spiritual growth so when I was told about PDP by one of my sisters in WPB I told her I wasn’t ready because of time and all but after the last set came out my zeal to apply shoot up and boom before I realized anything I’ve already paid and submitted 🤣
It wasn’t a very easy one but then no gain without pain. I love this kind of pain (good pain)
Long story short I’m indeed grateful for how far I’ve come. If there’s one thing I’d never forget is how deeeeeep I can now meditate (not like never used to but it made more meaning to me this time).
I’ve been stretched and I’ve actually growth. I bring myself to the consciousness that the growth plan activities should not just be for submission sake but a lifestyle.
Evangelism is my mandate oooo so I won’t relent

Thankful to mentor Annie for the steady PUSH. Big thanks also to PD and PV (I can’t wait to meet them in person).