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My heart is full, I

My heart is full, I am grateful to God for this platform, I must confess, the journey hasn’t been smooth, It has been hectic, tasking and many a times, my time isn’t just enough but it has been awesome, I have been excited about the growth platform from the start because I really wanted to be groomed spiritually but it got to a point I was tired but what kept me going was my team members who consistently submit their growth plan so I didn’t feel alone and my determination to be consistent and intentional about my growth.
The pathfinder’s discipleship programme has really helped me to be a better person spiritually with the books recommendations weekly, I couldn’t even read a book before but through this platform I read at least a book in a week, my prayer life skyrocketed from an hour to 2-3-4 hours! I couldn’t have done this on my own. I am excited and I really do not want it to end, and my mentor ‘AMY’ she has been awesome, there is always a smile on my face when her calls come in, I love you Ma’am.
In conclusion, I would encourage everyone who wants to grow more spiritually to subscribe to this discipleship programme, there is a spirit at work in this movement, you can’t just remain the same! Thank you PD, PV and the Dominion House for this great opportunity.