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I’m so blessed to be

I’m so blessed to be part of this program. I believe GOD ordered my steps to The Dominion House Church and this program. Back to back spiritual activities that has opened the eyes of my understanding. I read the bible (especially the epistles) with so much striking delight , joy and understanding. It looks like I’m reading a different bible apart from the one I’ve been reading for years! Truly the Pauline prayers are “Dunamis”. I am able to pray long hours. I am able to pray in The Spirit at anywhere. I am able to talk and post about the gospel with people even when they think I’m “overdoing”. To talk about the bible with boldness and understanding. People around me now think I’m an understudy-pastor! Haha. I have my personal meditation book. Prayer school is the best moment of my day so much my Saturday morning feels bland.
Thank you PV, PD, Director Funso , all other stakeholders and Mentor Annie. I love you all. Please never stop. Pathfinder program must reach the uttermost part of the earth!
I look forward to the next course.

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