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I grew up in fear.

I grew up in fear. Now I can say, I’m on the journey of overcoming. I have been oblivious to God’s word. I say to Him. Lord, the knowledge I have now what have I been doing all this time. My testimony is that Pathfinders helped me on my journey on overcoming my fears and a negative mindset. Especially the messages posted in the podcast. It helped me, come back to a place of truly trusting papa God. Not the usual trust, just barely getting by. This trust has purpose assigned to it. I know I am not barely getting by just to make it another day. Each day is intentional and has purpose. I intentionally walk in love. This far I have been able to forgive and walk in love with persons I’ve been having challenges with. Still have more to go, but his grace is sufficient for me. My relationship with my 10 years daughter has improved and I am now able to be in a positive sound minded position to help her through the transition of life. I am able to identify when the enemy is lurking and take authority. I am righteous conscious. It is indeed a challenging journey. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit within me, and the moments I can share the Word of God. To assist others even on days I may need help myself. I am a new creation in Christ. God brought me through a really challenging season of my life. He didn’t just bring me through casually but he answered all my concerns thus far. I know he wants me to yield to the Holy Spirit and trust Him. It is grace that is keeping me and taking me to the end as I run this race with endurance and patience. I am not just going through but growing through life. Destinies are tied to me, my desire is to do my part and allow God to work through me so that Habukuk 2:14 can be fulfilled.

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