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I came to the discipleship

I came to the discipleship program not knowing anything about the word of God and its application. I was not praying often or read the word of God except on Sundays in the church. I had always wanted to be filled in the spirit but did not know how to go about it. I admire people that are spirit filled and pray in tongues and had tried in several fora to pray in tongues but all to no avail. Within the first few days of this programme I had an infilling of the Holy spirit and I began to speak in another tongue. Now I pray without ceasing , read my bible constantly and installed the bible on all my gadgets for easy accessibility, I meditate on the word of God, listen to messages and most importantly, my spirit man has been awakened from the dead and I am now a believer in Jesus christ –
All gory to God. I thank all our mentors, especially my two time mentor, Mr Olufunso Ekundayo, PV and PD for initiating such a wonderful program and my wife who convinced me to come.
May God’s name be praised