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DH Reset Challenge Testimony

I want to thank God for the challenge
👉🏻 First time I fasted that long not eating raw food and I didn’t check time
👉🏻 I noticed that I could press more in the spirit and I’ve really come to like waiting on the Lord
👉🏻 I’m not a spiritual book reader sincerely but I had to try and so far I was able to cover 3 chapter of the book. It’s a big testimony for me o. I find novels on Wattpad way more interesting than studying Christian books but now I can read it at ease thanks to the challenge
👉🏻 First time I will lead people in tongues was delegated to me by my mentor (Asiwaju) I had to replay it for myself on my Mixlr and was really happy on what God had done in my life so far.
👉🏻 My guardian saw the change in me and asked me to send her the Pauline confession and also the DH Mixlr link
👉🏻 Finally I went for a ministration at FUNAAB yesterday and after my ministration people came to testify how blessed they were during my worship and praise section.
I couldn’t have done it alone without God and the DH/Reset Challenge. I’ll be forever grateful to the organiser of this great event. The Lord bless them in abundance.
I will also want to continue with the early morning prayer if they are still available

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