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Before joining WPB, it started

Before joining WPB, it started with me trying to get away from life issues, sincerely you wouldn’t notice because I’m that person everyone tagged “happy girl” but until I started lashing out and I knew this wasn’t me..
Fast forward to joining WPB my spiritual life grew from nothing to Praying long hours but I knew there more to all these.. so I decided to join Pathfinders, in my mind when I saw 5k I was like haaaa… But I paid and I’m like let’s see what is here…
Oh yeah I prayed for a female mentor but they blessed me with mentor Afolabi 😍😍😍
Hmmmmm!!!! The first time I saw the itinerary, I was thinking they made a mistake but I tried achieving all the tasks that day combined with my WPB task, how I have been doing it, I really don’t know..
The typical yimika would always run away from responsibility.. YES!!! I’m very good with that but my mentor changed that for me.. Well he is someone who wouldn’t take a No for an answer.. I may not say this to your face but your No excuses slogan has really taught me I can a whole lot but all I just need is to put my mind on it and it is achievable..
I have really grown spiritually within these few weeks and I wouldn’t take this platform for granted… Lol!!! I threatened my friends to register.
Prayer is the new music for me, infact if I don’t pray or read the word in a day which is yet to happen, I don’t think I would survive it….

Thank you PV and PD for this opportunity. I wouldn’t be here if not for this vision God gave you and you allowed it to come into manifestation..
I love you Mama and Papa.

Mentor Afolabi, I know I gave you some troubles but that wasn’t the intention..
Thanks for the encouragement and always making sure we do right things, you are really loved sir..
I wish I can be expressive much….
Thank you so much..

*Olumide Oluwayimika*