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The program was a great

The program was a great spiritual transformation for me, remodeled my prayer life, and increase my hunger to want to fellowship more with God. It was an awesome experience. I want to say a big thank you to all that made this program a reality

I’m so blessed to be

I’m so blessed to be part of this program. I believe GOD ordered my steps to The Dominion House Church and this program. Back to back spiritual activities that has opened the eyes of my understanding. I read the bible (especially the epistles) with so

The pathfinder platform had

The pathfinder platform had tick all the boxes that I had being looking out for a while. I had the passion to grow spiritually but no structure such as accountability and Mentoring in place. With everyone around me busy ‘sorting out their own salvation’ and

So happy i enrolled. My

So happy i enrolled. My prayer life has changed. I am now very conscious of praying on the go I now see the importance of meditation in another light, which has help my worrying mind to worry on God’s word Thank you PD and PV

What do you do when

What do you do when you feel the tugging of the Holy Spirit to embark on a journey and you wonder how you were going to endure, much more to complete it? You simply obey. I approached the Pathfinders Discipleship Program somewhat apprehensive, having heard

My journey at pathfinder was

My journey at pathfinder was a magnificent one. I came in still with a lot of insecurities about myself and my relationship with God. At the end i understood more about my true self and how to fulful purpose. The teachings were profound and my

Just wow!!! I’d been hearing

Just wow!!! I’d been hearing of Pathfinders but thought it wasn’t for my type of Christian. I was wrong. This is for every Christian. If you need a spiritual make over this is for you, think spiritual bootcamp. You’re never alone and truly supported to

Glory be to God. I

Glory be to God. I sincerely appreciate the facilitators of these great enpowerment program, it has quenched part of my thirst and fired me up to want more… The more I know him the more I want to know him… Pastor Vincent you sure carry

Good morning Sir. Path

Good morning Sir. Path Finders Disciple Program has heightened my determination for truth. There are many things I would have known intuitively but I questioned myself because many did not have the same belief or if they did, it was not thier life style. I

Reading and the bilble is

Reading and the bilble is s must now because I now understand the word is all I need and I’m bold and confident+ never believe I could pray in tongues, sing in tongues for hours… praying long hours without my own effort because now I