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Grace Personified


Date: 5th January 2020
Preacher: Pastor Dotun Arifalo

Message Text: John 21:1‭-‬6 

Grace has always been, its not a new testament thing.

What is man that you are mindful of him?
You can never truly qualify for the attention of God.

Faith is the covenant connector. All men of God had to believe for God to cut covenant with them.

Jesus is the surety of the new covenant.

You need to understand the characteristics of grace.

Grace has nothing to do with you. Grace is what God has already done, that which we dont deserve. Faith is what we do to access that grace.

If there is no risk involved, you are not walking by faith. God wants you to come out pf your comfort zone. We will never experience the miracle working power of God as long as we remain in our comfort zones.

How far you walk with God is dependent on you & not God.

When it comes to destiny you need to work it out. It is part of the on-going work of christ.

The extent to your greatness is inside you.

If you truly believe, you will act. The power to walk on water will never come till you step out.

Because Abraham believed, we now have access to the covenant Abraham started & Christ perfected.

When the word of God is spoken, grace always shows up to accomplish that which was spoken.

You not stepping into that instruction is equal to you wasting the provision which has been made.

Your breakthrough / flight is in your instruction.

If you are going to maximize 2020 & achieve your goals in 2020, you need to get the instruction for flight.

What is your priority this year?

When you look back, you will be shocked how much / how far God has brought you.

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